Adaptive Tooling
by SPM

Vision Systems

SPM 3D vision and i-Weld technologies encompass the latest in robotic vision guided technology. Robots are able to adapt on-the-fly to process variations typically encountered in the production of large plastic parts. Product quality is improved dramatically.

Benefits of Vision Systems Provided by SPM

  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Liability
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Enhanced Product Tracking Detail

Increase Quality. Reduce Waste. SPM Vision Systems Will Bring Your Production to a New Level of Efficiency

SPM 3D Vision Technology
Automatically Adjusting to Your Needs

3D Vision Scan of Clip Tower

Robotic Compensation

  • 3D part scanning
  • Angular position calculation
  • Automatic adjustment of End of Arm tooling position to surface variations
  • Optional surface flatness measurement and adjustment

SPM 3D vision technology encompasses the latest in robotic vision guided technology. Robots are able to adapt on-the-fly to process variations that would have traditionally produced scrap using common methods.

A definite industry first and a step forward in robotic plastic welding, cutting, and assembly applications.

As Made Part

Scanned Image

Computed Image

i-Weld Reaching Beyond the Ordinary

Internal Welding

Reduce your finishing operations with SPM's i-Weld technology. With no boring operations required, i-Weld is an excellent solution for meeting PZEV requirements.

  • Internally weld components through the sender module opening
  • Requires only one robot for the entire component welding process
  • Optional exterior mapping to ensure precise part positioning

Adaptive Boring

One Robot: Many Cutters

Servo boring tools used in robotic applications can accommodate weld pads with and without blow needle openings. Slugs are positively retained and sensed both on the tool and in the chute to guarantee 100% slug removal.

When equipped with the SPM 3D vision system, the robot is able to adapt to process variations and ensure the bored opening is always precisely located.

Robots are able to dynamically change the boring head on-the-fly during the processing cycle.

Tool storage stands are provided to store up multiple tools that accommodate different bore diameters and weld pad configurations.