Flexible Automation

The capabilities you require, the versatility you desire.

SPM’s flexible manufacturing solutions have proven to increase productivity, reduce scrap, and lower overall operating costs through quick changeover times, fast process optimization and proven technologies.

Flexible machines offer various advantages over dedicated machinery such as:

  • Fewer workstations
  • Greater machine efficiency
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Shorter lead times

Boost production, save time, and save costs with a flexible assembly solution from SPM.

Material Handling End Effectors

Process Automation

Robust end effectors designed and built for quick and agile material handling applications that can also be equipped with our standard processing units for:

  • Cutting, punching and boring applications
  • Assembly and fastening applications
  • Plastics joining applications - hot plate, infrared and ultrasonic

All of our custom designed end effectors can be outfitted with the SPM 3D robotic vision system

Assembly & Testing Made Easy

SPM's wide range of experience in automated assembly applications allows us to carefully select suitable components and controls that best integrate into your custom assembly system.

We can integrate new steps into your existing production lines as well as provide turn-key solutions for various assembly tasks including:

  • Clip installation
  • Screw and palnut driving
  • Function and leak testing
  • Impact testing
  • Hose and tube assembly
  • Tug testing

Boost production, save time, and save costs with an assembly solution from SPM.

Special Purpose Machines Made Simple

Solutions as Unique as You

SPM can take your specifications and requirements and produce one-off specialty machines to take your production to its full potential.

A special purpose machine from SPM will improve your product quality, minimize part rejection and non-conforming parts, as well as increase your overall productivity.

Our experience and expertise is reflected in the cost-effective solutions we provide our customers.