What People Are Saying About SPM

"Several years ago we had a vision of creating a piece of equipment that would process our blow molded product in a flexible and adaptive manner. We found that there was a large gap in what we envisioned and what was actual reality due to our process variability. The SPM [3D Vision] technology was the missing functional element required to complete our vision of an adaptive flexible down line."

Director of Engineering and Sales


"The incorporation of the vision guided fusion units provided by SPM was the single largest improvement made within our manufacturing process [...]. The addition of the vision unit to our welders reduced weld scrap from 20% to less than 1% [...]. I would recommend this unit to anyone with a welding operation within their process."

Chuck Tomlinson
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Walbro Engine Management

"The ability to use the SPM 3D Vision System to align the operation to the variable location on the part will reduce variation and improve quality and the SPM 3D Vision System's ability to provide surface information gives the processor accurate information of the product quality being presented to the equipment."

Fuel Systems Specialist

Major OEM

"We noticed our scrap went to virtually nothing with the SPM [3D Vision] System."

Trae Atkinson
Manufacturing/Automation Engineer

ABC Group Fuel Systems

"The SPM 3D Vision System has shown a vast improvement in setup time and scrap reduction. It's capability to compensate on the fly due to process variations truly improves the overall process."

Engineering Manager

Major Plastics Part Manufacturer